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Has anyone been having problems with latest Oracle Virtual Box release

I have used Virtual Box for awhile now.
I just updated to the latest release and
it doesn't seem stable.
It isn't a beta release.
Usually under XP and Win7 I have had very few problems
with VBox.
With this latest release I am getting all different kinds of crashes.
Anyone else having problems
I am running Win7 Ultimate 32 bit host with XP guest
and I installed the Extension Pack for VBox.
Which I think might be the problem.
Thank you for your time.
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    4.0.4? No problems here. Running it on Windows 7 64-bit. But I don't have the Extension Pack installed, so you could be correct.
  2. That is what I thought.
    It added extra support for USB 2.0 and that is
    causing me problems
    I use a Hauppage WinTV USB tuner and
    I is start my VM first and then use the tuner it
    crashes the WinTV app
    But if I restart the tower then
    the Wint TV app is fine
    I can also start WinTV app first and then
    start VM
    It seems the tuner usb port is not initialized until tv app starts
    so the VM tries to capture it.
    I got to see if there is a way to disconnect or mask it.
    Also I would start Virtual box and I would get two management windows
    though that could be the error from behind the keyboard (user error LOL)
    Didnt seem like it handles sleep mode well though I am still testing that
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