how to connect 2 comps via USB and to the net ?


i need some serious detailed instructions on how to connect 2 computers by a USB and then have them both acess the net through my cable modem.

i'm runing win XP home edition OS on both, possibly might have to go with win 98 SE on one, win xp home on the 2nd, we'll see.

i have roadrunner cable and would like to be able from time to time to connect more then just my main computer to the net so i can play online games when i have people over with them.

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  1. forget about the USB and go with all Ethernet.

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  2. if your modem has the the normal rj45 jacks the easiest and less troublesome way is to get a 4 port cable/dsl router. ICS will work but the 2nd computer will have lower connection speeds and some more lag. Plus if the main computer locks or must be restarted u will lose the connection on the 2nd computer.
    I was using ics at my friends house but got tired of losing my connection so i bought a linksys BEFSR41 ver 2 etherfast cable/dsl router and have had no problems with it at all.
    if u can only go usb i am sure they have routers that will take usb inputs.
  3. I agree. Ethernet should be cheaper. Ethernet is also faster and more scalable.
  4. guys, i dont need to mess around with hubs routers or anything liek that, this isnt a prmament thing, just on some occasions i need to hook up an extra PC to mine thats already hooked up and have a way to acess net through it. extar lag and whatnot i can put up with, just not sure what do i need to do install wise and how to set it up.

    if i just plug it in is it automatic or do i need to do anthing ? if so, what ? i remeebr way back in teh day i used to connect 2 comps via serial connection and i had a special program for it (i forgot its name, was made by quarterdeck) so thats why i am asking ahead of time about the USB thing. anything i need to know ?

  5. You can try a USB to Ethernet device. Or check out something from this site : <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>.
  6. the hard part is to have them BOTH access the net via USB at the same time. Thats why I suggested ethernet. If you just want to have one access the Internet at a time, and sometimes connect them together then USB is a lot easier.

    <i>It's always the one thing you never suspected.</i>
  7. Do you have LAN ports on both? Buy a "crossover cable" and just connect one end to each computer. Then setup a connection with the network wizard.

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