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I have fiberoptic phone lines and my bandwidth speed is supposed to be between 384 and 1.5 but it is connected at 318 kbps and my upload speeds are 84 kbps and the technicians cant help me theyve already came to my house 2 times, WhaT can i do to get the speed up at what its supposed to be at like 1.5 mbps? Does it have to do with my registry? THANKS, ERIK
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  1. 1. Is this a PPOE connection?
    2. Are you running Windows XP?
    3. Has it ever run faster than it is right now?

    When you download files on the internet, what is your normal download rate in KB/Sec?

    Very few DSL lines can achieve 1.5 mpbs, just so you know. The typical residential DSL connection runs betwenn 500-700 KBPS. It has a lot to do with how far you are from the infamous "central office." If your home is near the end of the 25,000 foot limit, you may be experiencing loss.

    It's interesting you say you have fiber-optic phone lines. How do you know this? Also, DSL (at least, the DSL I've heard of) comes in through standard copper telephone lines.

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  2. The 384kbps to 1.5mbps range is nothing but theorically but not much people can actually connect at this kind of speed. I'm using my campus ADSL network and most of the time my downoad speed is something between 12-72kbpds, well I do get up to 1.41mbps once a blue moon. If you are connecting at home and you get a 318kbps connection, and 84kbps upload you are just working normal.

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  3. No offence but this is the wrong forum, did U not try posting this in the Networking section ???

    & ADSL will not work on Fibre Optic cabling, it is a copper-type local-loop cable technology... its limited to 512kbps std service, 1-2mbps business (in the UK anyway)

    sure your not running cable instead, that is fibre optic & 1Mbps+ ???

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