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Would it be possible to be able to enable/disable hidden files and folders with a batch file or something similar?
I unhide my hidden folders often make changes to them, but have to go to folder options > show hidden files and folders.

Would there be a way to just click on something (batch file or something similar) to hide or show the hidden folders without having to go to Folder Options, etc?

I've done a lot of searching (Google, etc.) and can't seem to find anything at all. If this is in the incorrect place I apologize.

Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. It would be a change in the registry. Assuming you know how to make a batch file, this should get you started.

    If you need to know how to make a batch file,

    Not sure this will be faster then turning it on/off as you've been doing.
  2. Once you have turned them on, why are you turning them off ? When a new machine arrives, I turn them on (All folders) and leave it that way.
  3. I leave them off when I give the computer to those who can barely surf the net. My own computer always has them on, and I don't hide the file extensions either. I know what I'm doing, don't hide $h!7 on me!

    Perhaps he has someone using his computer who doesn't understand?
  4. You'd have to update the Registry to change the settings in Explorer, but it's easy to change the files and folders themselves to hidden or non-hidden. For example, to change the "D:\Data" folder and all its contents to hidden, use:

    attrib +h D:\Data
    attrib +h D:\Data\* /s

    To change them to not hidden, use:

    attrib -h D:\Data
    attrib -h D:\Data\* /s
  5. I hide folders that contain files for game emulators or things I don't want to clutter up my desktop. It's just kind of a personal preference for me (I guess I have OCD). Lol
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