Windows 7 doesnt see hp dvd1140

All, I installed Win 7 last night and everything appears to be fine. HOWEVER, it does not see my DVD drive. Note that:

1. if I take out the Win 7 hdd and swap in the XP hdd, the DVD drive works fine.
2. The little drawer comes in and out.
3. Win 7 is installed from a CD in this drive.

Thus, I know it's a win 7 problem and not a cable problem or a settings problem.

The drive is an HP DVD1140.

Additional NOte:

Going to Control Panel--> Hardware and Sound --> Devices and Printers --> devices --> add a device --> find it automagically

Does nothing.

Any help deeply appreciated.
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  1. Did your dvd come with a install disc or is this an HP pre-built that included all drivers and XP installed when new?
    Is this a sata or ide drive?
    It's a driver issue.
    How about device manager --> unistall drivers
    Restart pc and let Win7 install drivers.
    Best bet is to enter whatever pc you have and go to HP site.
  2. I have the same drive as you, and mine wont even let me install win 7 ultimate without the driver using the DVD drive as the OS disk reader...HP doesnt have a firmware support for Win 7 so we r out of luck.. @Davcon the drive is IDE
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