Windows 7 stuck in my butt

I just installed my OS fresh after zapping vista completely. Windows 7 bought new from a legal source. Legit key as I called microsoft with the key before I have money. Installed perfect and all that. This is my laptop. I has just got done customizing it and clucked the X and proceeded to sit down when I felt a sharp thin feeling at my but. I had left the 7 install DVD on the chair and sat on it. Now it's lodged firmly in my crack and pulling is not the answer! Help!
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  1. I would try to get the laptop in there too so you can keep your copy with your laptop. Use a ton of artic silver 5 for lube to get the the laptop in your butt.
  2. shin etsu g751 is better
  3. ^^Hmmm... I call your G751 and raise you X23-7783D.
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