Windows 7, programs won't open after BSOD.

My computer just went off and died. I was browsing the internet and it froze only able to move the mouse nothing else worked so I pressed the button to shut it off. When I turned it back on it would boot slightly slower than before. The major problem comes with opening any programs. I tried to open Yahoo messenger, Firefox, Iexplorer, everything from shortcuts to main folders but they would not open. My Taskmanager opens and I observe that when I click to open a program it appears on the performances for a split second then disappears. When I try to troubleshoot compatibility it would BSOD on me after a few secs. Same problem in Safe Mode, any suggestions? For some reason my system restore files are gone and repairing start up doesn't work.
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  1. Update: iI've isolate problem to programs in the folder C: Program files (x86). when i run programs installed in the normal program files they work. Any program or exe in (x86) will not run.
  2. Some viruses give the symptoms you reported I suggest that you download the free version of Mailwarebytes and run it.
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