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I was recently advised about waiting to get the Centrino CPU in upcoming
Tablet PC (e.g., Acer,Toshiba, etc).
Should I expect much slower speeds with any Tablet that has Crusoe in it?
Any advice on the best, fastest Tablet incorporating features that allow me
to do the following:

I wish to do the following type functions on a Tablet PC-
* wish to use wireless connectivity to send/receive email
(Blackberry or
other options?)
* wish to wirelessly again connect to the internet - specifically to
text searches on Pub Med and/or Ovid
* wish to prepare and maybe even use the device to project
* wish to 'type' fairly quickly and therefore ideally would like to
BOTH a 'small keyboard' (fold up or inbuilt) on the device; the Tablets of
course now allow handwriting ---> typed text conversion
* wish to of course use the device for GPS including some
interesting GIS
surveillance functions
* wish to have routine personal organizing functions of course

Tablet PC sites of note are: and

Thanks for any advice.
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  1. I reccomend a laptop over a tablet pc but if you really want portibility go for a pocket pc.

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