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I have a retail license for XP Pro that I used for years before switching to the Windows 7 RC months ago. I just got my preordered Win7 Pro and installed it. The funny thing is there was no trace of Windows XP on my machine and I was never required to supply the XP disc or key. I can't seem to find info on this situation anywhere.
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  1. You did a clean install which wiped XP from the drive.
  2. You can't do an "in place" upgrade to windows 7 from xp. It will upgrade but won't copy over settings, programs etc. I dont know if it will wipe the drive automatically or not, but you never know. I would think it would just rename the folder.
  3. I don't think I phrased my question properly. Here is an outline of what happened.

    My configuration prior to installation of Windows 7 Upgrade: System Disk = Windows 7 RC

    1. Backed up all desired data to non-system internal HD.
    2. Booted from Windows 7 Professional 64x upgrade DVD.
    3. Formatted system disk containing Win7 RC
    4. Installed without supplying CD-key.
    5. Booted Windows 7 Pro 64 from HD after successful installation.
    6. Activated OS with CD-key that came in Win7 box.

    I bought the upgrade assuming I would 'convert' my XP license to a Win7 license by supplying my WinXP CD-key. But, I never had to prove that I previously owned any Windows operating system when I was installing Windows 7. Is this a flaw in MS's upgrading option and do I now have usable keys for both WinXP and Win7?
  4. Ah, then yes you have 2 usable keys. 1 for Win XP and 1 for Win 7.

    Flaw or feature...your call but there you go.
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