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Windows 7 beta superbar stuck in classic mode after upgrade from vista

My windows 7 superbar is stuck in classic mode, and ive checked to see if i have the themes services started and it is and its on automatic. all of my other windows are transparent. I have a transparent border around the taskbar. I have upgraded from vista 64 to windows 7 beta x64. all of my graphics drivers are up to date. anyone know of a fix for this?
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  1. its one of those weird settings that you have to dig deep into the control pannel for
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    I solved that issue, by going into services and changing the setting to manual, and restarting the service. It worked for me, hope that helps.
  3. try changing the power scheme to balanced or one of the other higher performance schemes, it maybe that you have selected a power saving scheme which is turning off the transparency, but yes it does seem strange that the other windows are working fine.

    have you turned on any extra toolbars in the taskbar?
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