Dual gigabyte gtx 260 oc on asus p6tse help

As the title says,

Will the two gtx 260 oc cards work ?


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  1. No - the P6T SE only supports Cross fire and not SLI. If you want to run dual graphics cards on this mobo you need to swapp the nvidia based cards for ATI chips.

    Either that or swap the mobo to the P6T instead
  2. I have been searching forums and some mention downloading drivers and tricking the bios into thinking the baord can run sli.......

    Have you heard of this ?

    Have already bought the hardware but didnt do enough homework
  3. there are some posts out there that claim to have a solution to make SLI work on chipsets not originally intended to run multi nvidia set ups.
    I remember reading a few months back on Custom PC that despite everyone thinking it was a hardware issue, it turns out Nvidia rely on a piece of sftware to make SLI work.

    Now both the P6T and P6TSE have the same chipset so in theory it should be possible.

    If I can come across the original post on how to "force" sli on non SLI boartds I will post the link
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    Ahhh found it... involves using the BIOS for the P6T on the P6TSE mobo
  5. Excellent !

    Thank you Ulysses that post gives clear instructions as well.

    I am expecting delivery of all parts in the next couple of days and will post back to see how I went !
  6. Ok well I built the pc and flashed bios
    enabled SLI and installed second card

    When booting it seemed to be confused as the monitor powered on and off several times before booting properly.

    I have flashed the correct bios(P6T SE) since and am running one graphics card now

    I did read one forum saying to disable a couple of features in the bios of the se card after flashing(with P6T bios) but cant find the thread.....

    I am yet to purchase a bridge to connect the cards also(this may be part of the problem ????

    Not sure

    Anybody have any thoughts ?

  7. In my past experiences the mobo manufacturer usually includes a bridge in the box - either that or the video card usually comes with one..
  8. I am waiting for the bridge to arrive.
    Had to order from the US there was none in Australia !
    The P6T SE didnt come with a bridge, I am guessing the crossfire with dual ati cards doesnt use a bridge ? Not sure, the documentation doesnt go into enough detail.
  9. Success
    I flashed the p6t se with the p6t bios
    installed the second gtx 260 and the sli bridge
    enabled sli and all is working well

    3D Mark vantage score went from 14,000 ( approx) to 24,133 with sli

    Thanks for the help Ulysses

    much appreciated
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