Beware Alienware

I've seen some other unhappy folks so I thought I would share my tale also.

I ordered a fully loaded Aurora 7700M Laptop back in December, when they first announced it.

I recieve the laptop in Feb. The laptop "blue screens" upon bootup, right out of the box, it also has an random issue where it power cycles itself 3 or 4 times before attempting to boot. The "blue screen" is either immediate or happens after about 5-10min. and each time it was a different error type.

I spend at least 3hrs on the phone with Tech Support the next day, they think it might be the memory or something isn't seated right. After that long call the Tech issues an RMA for me to return it for repair, which I do immediately.

About 4 weeks later I get a call from Alienware support (give 1 week shipping, this means they have had my laptop at thier facility for at least 3 weeks before deciding to look at it or call me). They don't call me to tell whats wrong or that its fixed and being returned, NO they call me to ACCUSE me of breaking the LCD panel and said it couldn't have happened there or during shipping, it had to have happened before it was boxed. They said I would either need to purchase a new LCD screen or they would fix the "issue" it was sent in for and return the latop to me with a broken screen. What am I going to do with a laptop with a broken screen???

Anyway, I get extremely upset and contact their Customer Service, since Tech Support said they couldn't help me with anything else, and ask for a supervisor. I talk to the supervisor and he authorizes an return RMA for a full refund w/o the re-stocking fee. I just need to return the remaining items from my order, which I do immediately.

Now this is where it gets better, a week or so after getting the return RMA, I get called by Tech Support again and this time Im ACCUSED of stealing the hard drive, optical drive and memory from the laptop?!?!? Ok, why wasn't this stuff noticed when the guy called me about the broken LCD???

I call back and ask for a supervisor again and this time Im on-hold for like an hour with promises the supervisor would be right with me. I then get told he is busy and will investigate the matter and call me back. He never does.

A couple weeks later (this week) I get my statement and see that they made a partial credit on my account. OK, I assume they charged me re-stocking since it was around that amount. I contact them again and they said a Senior CS rep. would get in touch with me. Well she did today and she tells me no, that isn't a re-stocking fee, they charged me for the "missing" items. This is when I got really upset and told her the entire history and bluntly asked her would I order a exteremely expensive laptop just to steal items from it and deal with the hassle of trying to return it, especially when I could get those items easily from work if I needed to (I work in the IT Dept. of a large corp.)?? She answers, "No that doesn't make sense, but Im just going by whats in your record". I asked her why didnt' the tech. who called me about the broken LCD notice the missing parts and she said "well they probably used replacement parts at first, thinking you didn't return them for repair; they only noticed when the RMA was issued for return". Let me remind you that the whole reason for the return of the Latop was that the phone tech. thought it was a MEMORY issue, so why would I steal the hard drive, optical drive AND THE MEMORY that was supposedly bad??

Now, she said she will have somebody else investigate this and get back with me in 24-48 hours, and I told her if it isn't a manager or someone who can resolves this BS, don't bother.

Sorry for the long post, but I figure it was better to lay out the the details (these is some stuff I left out hehe) so you can see just how questionable Alienware operates and treats their customers. Of course the whole time I keep getting a "canned" e-mail repsone from them "This is not how the typical Alienware experiend is.... blah blah blah".


Oh yeah, on a side note, my company ordered an ALX system for one of our users and that thing was shipped to us DOA and had to be returned for repair. Nice quality control. This is really unfortunate since I have had friend order an Alienware system in the past (couple years ago) and absolutely no problems and they loved it. Now nobody at the office or my friend will go anywhere near Alienware. :evil: :evil:
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  1. I have an Alienware Area 51-M and was disappointed in some aspects as well, the sound drivers did not work when viewing DVD's and it took almost a year to get the Drivers that fixed my problem. Now that the Drivers are fixed Im happy with it, but for the money and the wait I had to go through to get it, I expected in near flawless.

    The good news is they got bought out, and now with new QA involved in their products maybe that wil fix things. Personally Im not going to buy from them again, and should have gone with my gut in the first place and just gone Falcon NorthWest.
  2. I posted my experiance in another topic. So here is the link:

    I used to think they were a great company.
  3. Looks like it didn't take long for Dell to fully integrate Allienware.
  4. Don't switch to hp/comaq.

    Go there and complain to people who can do something.
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