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Hi all:

I´m planning on setting up a linux machine for my dad´s office secretary. All the machine will be asked to do is wordprocessing . The machine needs to be cheap so paying microsith for a crappy os is out of the question. I have the folloing hardware:
Cheap sis 530 mobo with a k6-2 at 500 Built in everything.
64 megs of sdram
An hp 540 printer.
A very small hardrive, which may be upgradeable, if I really need to.
Keep in mind that this needs to be cheap.
Is rh linux ok for this purpose?
What gui should i use: gnome or kde? (ease of use)
Will linux work with my printer
What´s the smallest hardisk that i can use on a linux machine with a gui.

Thanks all
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  1. >Cheap sis 530 mobo with a k6-2 at 500 Built in everything.

    I can't really comment on the compatibility of this. But "Built in everything" can be a little risky.

    >64 megs of sdram

    If you want to use gnome or kde as you mentioned below, you'll want to bump this up to at least 128. It's useable at 64, but can be painfully slow. Or you could go with a lighter window manager (IceWM, etc.).

    >An hp 540 printer.

    HP printers are generally pretty well supported. check out <A HREF="" target="_new">linhardware</A> or the redhat site for hardware compatibility.

    >A very small hardrive, which may be upgradeable, if I really need to.

    How small?
    You can fit linux on a floppy if you need to, but you'll want a lot more then that for a desktop machine. You can probably pick up 1 to 3 GB drives on eBay for very little now. That would be plenty.

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  2. Hmmm...not sure about that motherboard. Like ergeorge says, it's risky. The SiS 530 is listed as being "supported" by XFree86, though, so I'd say it's worth a shot.

    As for the printer...the HP DeskJet 540C is listed as working "perfectly" in the <A HREF="" target="_new"></A> database.


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  3. I have installed linux into SiS530-powered all-integrated K6-box for my friend and it worked pretty fine (thought X was little slow). If some older distro (RH 6.2 or sth.) with KDE 1.x will be used, 64Mb RAM should be enough (just starting StarOffice will be taking some time).
  4. hi bro,

    i have no reason to doubt that the system would run well with 64mb sdram because for a while i was running a P133 w/ 24mb of EDO/FPM ram (yeah that's right two simms were from an old 486) and had little problem. Sure it was slow at first but then i streamlined it; recompilced the kernel w/ only what i needed, removed all the extra services, apps, and x window(s) too. I bet that w/ a k6-2 500 and 64mb you'll be find.

    If she only needs a word processor then just download Corel WordPerfect for linux, it's simple, has a nice font selection, and is compatible with Windows' wp doc types.
    Rh 6.x is a good choice; KDE 1.x is lite and quick.

    good luck
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