BSOD when trying to install Windows 7

Hello Community,
I have tried to build a new computer yet every time I try to install Windows 7 I get a blue screen that says "Modification of system code or a critical data structure was detected.

MEM: 2x1 sticks of DDR3 1333
MB: MSI|770-G45 AMD770
CPU: AMD|ATH II X3 445 3.1G AM3 RT
PSU: Antec NeoPower 550W
HD: Samsung 1tb sata

Any suggestions would be appreaciated.
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  1. Where did you get your copy Windows 7 from?
  2. Check your ram, and also as Herr_koos is asking is this copy of windows legit?
  3. Yep! i read alot of win7 bsod's but that particular message is a first.
    Leads me to legitimacy question also.
  4. It is a legitimate copy of Windows 7. My college offers free copies of Microsoft software to engineers and this is how I obtained my copy. As for the RAM, I recently RMA'd it and just got back a fresh set. I ran mem test and no errors were detected.
  5. Have a check in the bios of the board.
    The cause may be the fact a setting on it is turned on, to protect the MBR, bios virus protection of the MBR.
    Any major changes to the boot record of the HD and the bios will kick in, if you have the setting on.
    Turn it off if you can. Then try a install of windows.
    Just a thought hope it does some good.
  6. Thank you Shaun, I will try that. Do you know what the setting is called that I need to modify?
  7. Look for something that says virus protection, that keeps a check on the MBR, If some changes in data a big or windows makes alot of changes to the MBR of the HD it can sometimes kick in and cause an error when installing windows.
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