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I own a intel i5 macbook pro. I head rumours of external graphics cards that are useable via thunderbolt. How good of an option is this? If it is a good option can you recommend one?
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  1. There have been some demoed but none released, as far as I know.
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    They are still rather expensive(Like 900$ for a 3 slot setup[2 x8 and 1 x4].). If they can use the full X4 link, many mid/high end cards should work quite well(Assuming they have a good power supply).

    This looks like it will be interesting as well
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  4. You can check out the ViDock paired with a sonnet echo thunderbolt/expresscard adapter. Mine works with a 13inch 2011 macbook pro and a 2012 mac mini perfectly (gtx 660). The only problem with external graphics cards is that they currently only work in Windows 7 and Windows 8, not OS X (that goes for all external cards). You can get a fully working e-gpu for $500 including the Vidock 4, Sonnet echo pro adapter, and thunderbolt cable. And trust me, the expresscard bandwidth is still a HUGE boost in performance. I'm playing bf3, witcher 2, arma II, and any other demanding game fine and dandy :)
  5. $500 and it only works with Windows!? You could buy a fairly decent PC for that price in the first place.
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