Windows 7 enterprise 32 bit drivers for acer travelmate 7730G

hi .... i'm trying to find drivers for the my windows 7 enterprise 32 bit acer travelmate 7730G machine....installed a graphics driver but my hdmi only plays the picture on my tv , no sound and my shortcut keys(like the lock) don't work...any suggesstions?
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  1. what version of HDMI does it have? remember not all HDMI outputs support sound.
  2. In addition, sometimes you have to change the output path of your sound specifically to the HDMI. I have a Gateway laptop that when hooked up via HDMI I have to change the playback device form the internal to HDMI.
  3. yeah +1 on that too
  4. hi...thanks for the suggestions....was an easy fix...downloaded and installed drivers for windows 7 proffessional. Works fine now.
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