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We are trying to bridge an Ethernet network (three computers on it) with an
ad hoc wireless network (two laptops). One of the two laptops is supposed to
be the bridge as it is connected to both networks. The single networks work
perfectly when separate. As soon as a bridge is made, no communication flows
in any direction.

The bridging computer is running on xp (service pack 2)
Is it perhaps not possible to bridge with an ad hoc network?

Thanks for any help
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    Getting the above bridge setup is over the head of most amateur network
    techs including me.

    A station (Wifi Access Point client) cannot [easily] bridge like this.
    The AdHoc Wifi Access Point (which is also the gateway) is responsible
    for routing on it's subnet. And the Ethernet gateway is responsible
    for routing on it's subnet. But in this setup, the laptop attempting
    to bridge is also wants responsiblity for routing thus there's going to
    be some weird conflict between the laptop and it's gateways for who
    routes what and why?

    Easiest thing is a connection between the ethernet and Wifi network.
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