Eeepc 1008HA windows 7 cdrom disappeared

My external cdrom is no longer detected in windows 7.
Also could not get a Compaq laptop running vista to recognise an internal cdrom. I tried the registry edit described in several fora but to no avail.
Systemic problem? Any fixes?

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  1. Does the external CD-ROM work with other systems?

    On the internal CD-ROM, did you try to uninstall the device from the Device Manager and then reboot the system? When you do that Windows will attempt to reload the drivers for the device, if the device is working properly.

    It is entirely possible that both devices are defective. Please clarify.
  2. Fix:
    The CD is external and worked on archlinux. It worked on windows 7 for a week and disappeared (presumably as a result on n'000 upgrades).
    The CD never appeared on the windows vista box (:0).
    Reinstalling the drivers fixed the problem for now on both boxes.
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