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Now I know Doom 3 processes sound through the CPU, not the sound card. Would I see a performance difference if I switch from the onboard (AC97 on my LAN Party UT nF3 250 board) sound to an SB Live 5.1 card?

Just wondering.
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  1. I saw a slight performance increase in my games, but I mostly got a huge increase in sound quality when I switched from AC97 to Live!

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  2. Looks like I'll put the Live! back in and see what happens.
  3. It won't make any difference. In Doom 3, the sound card does not process any data, it is only an output device. Personally I don't care, but some users have lamented that they would have liked to use the post-effects offered on the Live cards. The reason id chose that direction is simply that it is one less thing that will make porting Doom over to Mac and Linux difficult.

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  4. the cpuload is about 14% on ac97 in a 32voice-44.1khz environment and 10-12% with the sb!live, with my bencies at least

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