Installing Fresh W7 with new SSD drive and need some help

Hi guys

I have just got a new Solid state drive and i wanted to do a fresh install of Windows 7 but have been wondering the best way to go about it. Do i do one of the following after backing up all needed data.

1) just unplug all the other harddrives and plug in the new SSD drive and boot up the CD from there. Then at after the install just plug back the old hard drives (even with the windows 7 install) and then reformat them from windows.

2) Run the computer with the Windows 7 Disc and select the solid state drive and ask for a fresh install. Im not too sure that this is a viable option.

3) or is there a better way to do this?

thanks for your help
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  1. Go with option 1, install Win 7 to the new SSD with no HDDs attached. Once you up and running, reconnect the HDDs. From there, it is up to you whether to reformat or not. If you have a good backup, I would recommend you format and then restore the data you saved previously. You should also re-install the majority of your apps to the HDD as most of them don't need the speed of the SSD. Make sense?

    Good luck!
  2. What will happen if the system detects that 2 drives have Windows 7 loaded on to them? or is it safe to plug the harddrives in when the computer is on and already loaded into windows?
  3. NEVER unplug anything while the computer is on.....NEVER!

    If you load Windows 7 and it detects the presence of the other install (and it will) you will likely end up with the bootloader being installed on the HDD. This defeats the purpose of the SDD.
  4. then how do i reformat the old hard-drive once i install the operating system on the new drive if i cant have them both in at the same time nor can i plug the hard drive in once the system is on.... sorry bit confused
  5. First, install Windows 7 onto the SSD with only the SSD connected to the system.

    After you have Windows 7 fully loaded. Shutdown, then reconnect the HDD. Once connected, power on the system. Windows will detect the HDD as a new device and install it. Then you can format it if desired.

    Always make sure the system is shut down (powered off and power cable disconnected) when connecting/disconnecting items. Also, the easiest way to disconnect the HDD is to simply remove its power connector.

    Got it now? Good job on asking questions for clarity.
  6. Thanks for you help, off to try it now
  7. You will do fine. Have fun!
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