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There must be a simple solution; however, during the last 5 days after installing win7 home premium 32 bit I have been unable to get any sound. After a million tweaks nothing seem to work. Where am I the big dunce?
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  1. What kind of sound are we dealing with here? On board? Stand alone sound card? What brand? Is the correct "playback device" selected in the sound options? Have you updated the drivers? If so, it may be worth while to roll the driver back to a previous version (i.e. Vista).
  2. Have you made sure your sound drivers are up to date, and that the sound isn't muted anywhere (there are several places you can mute the sound, and you only need to have one of them set for it to mute everything.
  3. Hi,

    Thanks for all the tips. However, it is now almost two weeks since installing windows 7 and losing my sound. After downloading drivers and configuring the audio playback, etc. in a rather blind fashion....lo and behold, without any warning, one day I heard a sound. It is now working...but the volume remains rather low for my hearing. In any event, I am grateful that some mysterious elfin got the thing to work. Thanks again.
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