Settlers 3 not loading after clicking start game


im really getting peed off with this now, i need help i do the usual double clicking on the desired game which in my case is settlers 3, once that is done, settlers 3 comes up on screen :O!! theres me thinking ahh yes its going to work, i then click on 'Start Game' the settlers then disappears and the mouse has its loading thinggy as it should, then the loading thing has gone, the game hasn't come up nothing is happening i sit and wait for 10 mins still nothing.. what is up with it?! and why can't i just play my bloomin' game whys' it have to be so complicated... and why cant it be just install the game and be able to play the game shortly after installation... :| BAD TIMES! (N) :(
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  1. The game is old so it is likely it does not support the screen resolution you currently have set up for your windows desktop, it is sort of and old game.
    Lower your desktop resolution in windows.
    Should sort it out.
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