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I am looking for a driver for a graphics tablet. It is the HID.SYS and the installation asks for the win98 cd. I have looked on all CDs from 98 to server 2000 and at the web site for the tablet. On tech net it states it is a for Human Interface Devices but no library or listing to where it is. Can anyone help me out? Is it on a FTP to dwnld?
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  1. are you sure its not HID.<b>DLL</b>?? hid.sys is not a windows file which is why its not in any of the .cab files, hid.dll however is on the 98 cd.

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  2. Just do a search on Yahoo! for that file. I've done that several times, and it's always been the first search result that I downloaded the file from (probably just luck).

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  3. <A HREF="http://uforesources.com/wwwboard/index.html" target="_new">http://uforesources.com/wwwboard/index.html</A>


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