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November 2, 2001 9:09:25 PM

for sale....Intel Pentium 233 MMX , 32MB SD-RAM , case and power supply , 3.2GB hardrive , mother board ( i odnt exactly know what kind) with onboard ATI rage pro 8MB vidio card and onboard sound asking $300.00 OBO

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November 2, 2001 9:22:35 PM

i have a similar system...but no hard drive...that i am willing to let go if the price is right...i was going to use it for a file server...but that is not a necessity..and is becoming more of a problem than a file server...
it is an acorp 5ali-61 motherboard...pentium 233mmx, with a ystech fan on a green pro heatsink...uses screws to mount instead of regular clips...64 megs of pc-100 sdram, 2 usb ports, no cdrom, hard drive. dont think that the floppy drive is working anymore tho...not sure...mid/mini at tower with 250 watt psu...good computer for what it is worth...maybe use it for a word proccessing machine or something...i dunno...if someone is willing to offer enough, then i will let it go...but still not sure on that either...just posting it here to see what people would offer...


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November 2, 2001 9:26:00 PM

i guess if you really want i could let go a 24x compactdisk CD-ROM drive and a 31/2 floppy drive

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November 2, 2001 9:34:59 PM

how much would you want for those....i could get my hands on those things easy, and is just that i dont really want to buy a hard drive for this thing, but if noone buys it off me, then i will be willing to buy a hard drive...and put it in there...i just want to see how much someone wants to pay for this thing...i mean the system that you are selling is like complete, and someone will probably be more willing to buy that...


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November 2, 2001 9:35:41 PM

that system is worth 50$ max.

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November 2, 2001 9:39:04 PM

if u want i could sell u my 3.2 gig but thats the best i got to offer....for now

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November 2, 2001 9:47:16 PM

hah....i figured....i dont think that i will be selling it then...because 50 bucks would barely cover the case and the ram if i bought this thing would do me more good if i got it a nice 30 gig hard drive, and used it to store mp3's and videos and stuff like that...
maybe i could even make it into a home music machine...all i have to do is hook my stereo up to it, and set it to stream music, and allow all the computers in my house to tune into it through winamp, and it would be a jukebox...
screw selling
and viper...dont worry about it...i dont think that i will even need a cdrom floppy or 3.2 gig hard drive...
i am probably going to pick up a 30 gig hard drive at frys...then just put my cdrom in there long enough to install windows...then put it back in my system...and as far as floppy use goes...this thing is probably going to be in my closet with the monitor turned off, just playing music...and storing mp3's...doubt i will need the floppy...home network takes care of file transfers...


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November 2, 2001 9:52:36 PM

man i need to sell it so i can get my new system AMD Tbird 950MHz , ATI radion 32MB AGP , 128mb SD-RAM , 400watt power supply , 40gig hard drive i forget which soaundcard but a good one

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November 2, 2001 11:20:45 PM

have you tried ebay?
i think i might post a few things on there because i might get more than i expected for the parts that i have...
i just bought an athlon 900 system myself...and i know what you gets a little pricey...and you could probably use the few bucks...just to get you there..
but unfortunately, i just spent like all the rest of my extra cash on my 40 gig maxtor in my last 100 bucks....
if i had the dough, i might buy it, but i dont, so i personally cant buy it...
and like stated before, i dont think that in here you are going to get 300 for that system...if it were so, i would be a millionaire with all the parts i have lying around...but parts get cheap...
if i could get what i paid for that 233 system, then i would have an extra 500 or so lying around...
where are you located...maybe i might know someone who can buy stuff off you...


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November 3, 2001 1:10:16 AM

Yeah sell it on ebay. Those people don't know what a system is worth. You'll probably get 300 at least out of it. Just mention some key words and hope some people get in a bidding war.

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November 3, 2001 4:43:46 AM

I sell the same system for $233 locally.

Back to you Tom...
November 3, 2001 8:14:29 AM

too bad i dont have a nice hard drive, i could sell it for 233...and not feel bad...hehe...
although i think that selling it like that might make me feel bad anyways..
it is all good tho, my friend is gonna hook me up with a k6-2 300, and a hard drive...i dont know if i am going to use the k6-2, it has to be stable, but definately throw in the hard drive, and set it up as a server in the closet...
which would be better for that tho, the k6-2 300, or the pentium1 233?


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November 4, 2001 3:45:45 AM

The K6-2. There were no stability issues with the K6-2 that I know of, but the motherboards that supported them, well, that's the problem. Intel made a good chipset, but I don't know of any that would support 100Mhz. And most manufacturers limmited them to 3.5x, unless you use the 2x=6x trick, which would make it run at 400, it might not go that high!

Back to you Tom...
November 4, 2001 7:47:12 AM

well, unless i get the thing with a mobo, i will be using my 5ali61...made by acorp....which does support 100mhz...and i know that it ran stable with the if it is crap with the amd, then i will swap the processor...
good to have it around i suppose...


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November 4, 2001 8:46:31 AM

I've never had a stability problem with my ALi Super 7 boards that wasn't caused by the video card.

Back to you Tom...
November 4, 2001 8:01:49 PM

well, pretty simple little pci card with like 4 megs of ram...this thing isnt going to be running any really graphic intensive programs..maybe my little brother might use it for his emulator or something...but even if he does, i think that that thing can handle emulating super nintendo and neo geo....
and i never really had any problems with that motherboard was a pretty trusty board, until the day i tried to put my k6-2 550 on it, and then had to get a 500, and when that still didnt work, i bought the epox...
it doesnt really like the higher speed k6-2's for some reason, even though the manual says it will go up to 500...but it can be set up for 550, or maybe more....
it just would not boot into windows...
with either the 550, or the 500...
so i am hoping that the 300 works in there, and if it doesnt, then i will be using my 233 once again...and i will have a place to store mp3s and junk...


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