Wireless mouse not recognized by windows 7 (x64)


I rebooted my machine the other night and when it came back on, my Logitech EX 100 mouse and keyboard were non-functional.

They (the keyboard, at least) work in bios, when the adapter is plugged into my laptop, both devices work flawlessly, just on my main machine, it's a no-go. This is maddening.

I downloaded the newest Setpoint version from Logitech to no avail, I've disabled and uninstalled all of these usb devices in my device manager, and tried the adapter in every usb port (there are 12) on my motherboard. All other usb devices work fine. A rather deep googling hasn't come up with much of help.

Someone, please tell me something.
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  1. I'm guessing you've also tried reinstalling the drivers as well. This might be a weird one, but it's happened to me in the past, but have you tried swapping out the batteries?

    -- Ryan
    Windows Outreach Team
  2. I can't seem to find any dedicated drivers, only places pointing me towards getting the Setpoint download. The battery swap yielded no results.
  3. The quick fix for me was to just use a different USB port, but I'm sure that isn't the only solution.

    Have you tried a system restore back to the time when your keyboard and mouse were working correctly?
  4. I DID try a system restore, but apparently ran out of room on my SSD in the process so not only did it not restore, but it deleted all my restore points, too. This just gets worse >_<

    Also of note: I plug the receiver for the mouse and keyboard into any of the USB ports and a balloon pops up that tells me it's installing drivers, but even after a reboot, it continues to not work.
  5. Can you try to do a system restore from safe mode? Sometimes it fails if you do it from the normal desktop, but if you boot into safe mode, it might work correctly. If it gave you an error telling you there is not enough room on your SSD, then this won't work, but it's worth a shot. In safe mode, does your mouse and keyboard work? To boot into safe mode, turn on the computer and immediately start pressing the 'F8' key repeatedly and choose safe mode.

    Also, you can try to completely delete Logitech Setpoint from your computer, then plug in the mouse and keyboard and let them install themselves, without installing Setpoint.
  6. There's no failing on the restore point bit, there are no longer any restore points, despite there being more than ample space on the boot drive now. In safe mode, the KB and mouse are still not working, and removing SetPoint did nothing, i'm sad to report.

    The SSD isn't huge, so I've pretty much made do with all of my programs on other drives; reinstalling windows isn't so much of an issue any more, but i don't even want to contemplate that til i know that will 100% solve the problem and nothing else will.
  7. I have a similar problem. My Logitech M705 mouse is no longer working with my computer. The first one I bought had some technical difficulties inside the mouse, so I replaced it. The new one is not even recognized by the computer as being plugged in. I uninstalled and reinstalled SetPoint, as well as any related drivers. I also changed the batteries in the mouse and verified that they are aligned correctly (the green light on top is on). I tested the mouse on my dad's laptop (a Dell Latitude with Windows Vista), and it works fine, but Windows 7 will still not recognize it. This has been a problem for several months, and I do not have restore points that far back (nor can I afford to lose that much data). Does anyone know of a program that might be messing me up, or a software patch I should get, or anything?

    Also, I tried my dad's Microsoft mouse on my Windows 7 computer, and that worked fine.
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