Use Laptop as a "Client" for Desktop when away from home

Hey forum,

So I have a oddball, or maybe not so oddball dilemma.

I have my desktop at home which is connected to a static IP address, is always on to record shows, and connected to a pretty fast internet connection.

My desktop and laptop are both running Windows 7 Professional.

What I would like to be able to do is logon to my desktop user account from my laptop when I'm at work or school so that I can use my desktop powerful resources for CAD work, 3D work, or number crunching. I would also like to be able to store all my files just at home where they can get backed-up to my external hard drives and just access the files on my laptop that I need.

I have tried Remote Desktop but it disables my graphics card and is a little slow to refresh.

I am currently using Team Viewer as it doesn't disable my graphics card and allows me to use AutoCAD at full capacity, and a lot better then my laptop can. The only problem is I need to to individual file transfers if I want to work on an Excel or Word document on my laptop quickly, then transfer it back.

I have been told to look into Windows Home Server 2008 so I have downloaded it. My understanding is that you have to install that on its own machine. I dont want to go out and get a new system just to run the system and I had read somewhere that Windows Server 2008 can be configured to run like Windows 7 and have all my games and everything running on it.

Is there any better solution than this, or any help on how to setup up Windows Server to do what I'm looking for, or am I just trying to accomplish something that's not completely possible?
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