Unable to install Win 7 on HP DV6700 laptop

A friend asked me to install win 7 on a new laptop.
I got Win 7 build 7022 but the installation was unable to recognize the Hard drive.
It suggests to use drivers.
I downloaded all the win vista intel ahci drivers which are compatible to this laptop, and they're unsuitable for win 7.
Any solution besides waiting for compatible drivers?
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  1. Try installing drivers in compatibility mode.
  2. How? the windows is not installed since it won't recognize the hard drive.

    At last the win 7 64 bit recognized the hard drive and I was able to install. :)
  3. If the 64bits work fine, just stay with that one.

    It's a beta and you only want to see what Win7 look like and see if your app/games work fine. :D
  4. it doesnt seem like its the os or the drive thats the problem, it looks like the onboard controler for the drives/ ports needs drivers to be usable, which obviosly cant be installed after the fact, have you tried extracting just the essential files for the drivers to a usb key and using that during setup so that windows can fin the drive and install?
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