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I recently came across a significant amount of pc's all core 2 duo's. My initial thought was to put these computers to work in some way rather than just selling them off the bat. After talking to one of my firends who is an animator I thought it might be a good idea to set up a render farm and allow animators to use it for a price. My only concerns are 1: will my renderfarm be able to compete with the online rendering companies that charge so little for ghz/hr 2: how much do I need to know about animation 3: will people want to use my render farm and if so how much would i need to charge and how big of a render farm would I need in order to be an attractive alternative for freelance animators?...... Please let me know if this is a good idea and if not, how else would i be able to put these computers to work?
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  1. Hmm. You'd probably need Core 2 Quads for larger corporations to become interested, however it might be useful for smaller companies.

    You could otherwise use these computers for folding. ^^
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