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I tried upgrading Windows 7 Home Premium over Vista Home Premium yesterday and it almost finished but I got this error box that came up just before it was finished installing. The box said Logon Process Initialization Failure. See event log. When I clicked ok the sreen went black and nothing happened. I checked the event log after I rolled back the installation and it never showed anything related to the installation. Before I gave up on the installation I tried holding down F8 and it gave me a choice of running a repair but that never worked either. I really want to experience Windows 7 but unfortunately have hit a road block. Has anyone got any ideas to fix this problem?? Right now I have Windows Vista Home Premium with Service Pack 2 installed. Would Windows 7 not like Service Pack 2 by chance??
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    I would recomend skipping the upgrade and going for a clean install. make sure the HDD is formatted first to get rid of the old OS files.
  2. I agree with the answer above but I would rather not do a clean install as I have bought the Windows 7 upgrade already and have alot of programs and software installed on my Windows Vista HDD. There must be a solution other than above even though Windows 7 has only been out a short while. Perhaps someone may have ran into this problem with the Beta version of Windows 7.... maybe?? Any Help would be very much appreciated :)
  3. I finally got this to work after I uninstalled my Online Armor Firewall and disabled my Password in Windows Vista. Also I shut down my antivirus and went into msconfig and disabled some more programs in there so they could not start until after the installation was complete. But now I have another problem. My internet keeps disconnecting. I have started a new post above and this post can be closed or left here in case someone else runs into the same problem.
  4. Hello,
    I am very new to this, I baught this laptop with windows 7, and it was working fine, but today suddenly its start showing me "Logon process initialization failure" I have no idea what to do. Please help me. how to uninstall Online Armor ? i am not even able to see my screen. Kindly help
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