Brand new macbook pro takes ages to start and caps lock key faulty


My macbook pro is only 5 months old and this problem started when I first got it!

The caps lock key from the first night I got it would just not work half the time I hit it. Sometimes it's delayed and capitalizes the second or third letter. Sometimes it just doesn't register at all.

This in itself made me want to go back and get a new one. Even though I think this is what I deserve, I didn't think I could just bring it back and ask for a new one.

NOW the stupid computer takes minutes to start up. Sometimes I have to hold the power button to turn it off and retry because it takes too long and doesn't look like it's gonna turn on.

I don't have much on the computer, 422.95 free out of 499.25. And obviously when this problem started I had almost no storage space taken up.
I was thinking it may have to do with this stupid new apple thing to restart all your programs that were open. Not sure.

Anyway, this problem is getting really annoying when you spend 3 times as much on the computer than most people pay for theirs. I don't get why these problems exist. And what can I actually have done about it?
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  1. 5 months old? It's still under warranty. Take it to an Apple Store and get it fixed.
  2. Yup their "geniuses" should be able to fix that right up for you.
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