SATA II Raid 0 and Low WEI score

Processor (Score 7.6)
Memory (RAM) (Score 7.8)
Graphics (Score 7.9)
Gaming graphics (Score 7.9)
Primary hard disk (Score 5.9)????????

Windows 7 Ultimate
Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU 950 @ 3.07GHz (over-clocked to 3.8GHz)
12.0 GB Corsair DDR3 1600 Triple ChannelX2
2x NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 SE in SLI (overclocked 27%)
4095 MB Total available graphics memory
1031GB Free (1192GB Total) Primary Drive 2x Sata II 32mb cache 6gig/sec Western Digital 7,200 in RAID 0 and only getting 5.9 on Primary hard disk?????
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  1. I think 5.9 is about all you will get on WEI unless you run an SSD.
    Or maybe a 10k or 15k drive.
  2. galeener is right. 5.9 is as high as you get with mechanical drives, even in RAID. My 120GB OCZ Vertex 2 gets a 7.7
  3. ordinary HDD's will only get 5.9 i used to get that but with 2 SDD's in raid0 i now get 7.7 ;)
  4. ^ I get about 7.8 with SSD (Intel G2 and Pheonix pro), NOT in Raid0.
    WEI assigns more significance to the random 4k read/writes than to sequencial read/writes. Reason - Avg file size on a boot drive is around 16K and are randomly stored.

    Raid0, although it provides a significant boost to Seq read/writes, it does NOT improve random small file read/writes nor does it improve on access time.

    In terms of the Boot drive, 4k Random read/writes and access times are by far more importatant for Boot times and program loads than Seq. SSds are 20x to 40 times faster in random performance than HDDs. Note Raid0 does not improve DVD playback, internet, email and very little for gamining .

    Raid0 can provide a significant improvement when working with LARGE files such as Video (dot VOBs which are 1 gig files and Blu-ray files that can be upto 40 gigs), large cad/Cam files and large databases. These files are Seq in nature.
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