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Hey all,

I will be getting a second computer with an ASUS A7n8x DELUXE mobo. I currently have a cable modem w/ethernet card for my internet connection on my first comp. I am wondering what I will need to be able to share my net connection (router?) as well as possibly network the two computers together to share files,printer, etc. Also, the ASUS A7n8x DELUXE mobo comes with onboard Dual Lan, so will I even need a router to share the cable connection? What will the mobo's onboard feature allow me to do? What kind of cables will I need to hook devices together for the solution you provide? I dont want to lease another ip addy (another $8/month) from my cable provider as from what I have heard its really useless to use a hub in place of router. I know little about networking so whatever information or online resources/links you can provide would be usefull. thx.

Also - Will I need another NIC for my second comp as my first comp already does?

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  1. OK, I can see two possible ways to do this with the information you gave.

    Option 1. Since the new Asus board has Dual Network connections, you could use both of them having one hook up to the cable modem and the other to the computer you have now. This setup requires that you make/purchase a Cross Over Cable to connect the two computers or otherwise get a hub, and 2 regular network cables to connect the two computers. This option also means you need to run some sort of connection sharing software. Windows comes with ICS but I've had hard times getting it to work on certain versions of windows. I personally couldn't get ICS to work on a DSL PPPoE connection on 98SE, but XP I hear it works great not to mention that you are on cable, but may want to look at other 3rd party software to share the connection.

    Option 2. Get a router. While they make one port routers that you can hook up to a hub/switch, I'm going to make an assumption that you don't already have a hub/switch and suggest that you if you get a router, you should get a router with a 4 port(More if needed) integrated hub/switch. You can find these at most retail outlets and it would just depend on what brand you like better.

    Hope this helps

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  2. Hi ghostkat, thanks for your reply,

    As far as option 1, I would need the first computer on to let the second computer use the net no?

    I figured I would probably get a router, I was just wondering what the dual lan was. Do most name brand router kits come with the necessary hookups if not what else would I need? I have heard of routers with a seperate port for a printer, how does this work? thx.

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  3. yes, if you went with option one you would need to have the computer with the dual nic's to be on to access the net from the other computer.

    When I got my router it only came with a power supply. You will need to get at least 2 cables to hook up the computers to the router. The one cable you have now that goes between the computer and the cable modem will need to hook into the router when you get it. I don't really see anything else you need since you already have a nic in the computer you have now, and the new computer will come with a nic as well.

    Routers that have a printer port allows you to share the printer but requires that you install extra software (in some cases at least) to be able to access it.
    You can share a printer that is connected to a computer but then you will need to have the computer on to access the printer shared from that computer. Since you will more then likely keep the router on all the time, sharing the printer from the router would mean you could print from any computer even though the other computer is turned off.


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  4. Week or two back I was in more or less the situation you are in now. 2 machines, one DSL modem, one printer. I had researched the routers available and decided a D-Link would be good. Another guy on the board here told me the printer port worked fine, so I ordered a DI-704. What actually arrived was a DI-804 without a printer port - I was annoyed, but tried it anyway.

    The router worked pretty much out of the box in that both machines could see the internet, (one thing the install guide did not say but I found necessary was to boot the DSL modem).

    From 1 machine I could not ping the other etc. but that turned out to be because I had ZoneAlarm running, when I turned that off, my lan worked fine.

    Sharing the printer worried me, but in fact, it was probably the easiest thing to set up. Worked first time, (although the default paper size was wrong and had to be wiggled).

    The DI-804 came with a cable, so the existing DSL-PC went DSL-Router, the extra cable PC-Router and I bought another cable PC-Router.

    All working fine, but my ignorance is still causing me problems elsewhere hence my new thread!

    Med venlig hilsen,
  5. Hey thx guys,

    I'm looking into the options you have mentioned, sorry for the delayed reply, internet has been up and down. My new comp has arrived and I'm looking futher into my options, I will reply once I have researched some more things, thx.

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