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anyone have any experience with these printers that print photos from digital cameras and also are used as regular inkjet printers? i dont know anything about them except there are a few hp ones for ~$300, which seems kind expensive.... i would like to buy one asap, so if anyone could lead me in a certain direction, that would be great.

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  1. Well its like this, I have a diggy cam and an epson stylus600 bubblejet printer and a scanner as well. Basically anything Epson photo/stylus is great, I have done and won major contracts with this baby. I printed photo quality pictures and brochures that are better than the originals. I can scan, take a pic from the camera and have them printed better than what they really are, seriously I can. The ink cartridges are reasonably cheap compared to having a lazer printer although they do waste some ink starting up so I leave mine powered on just about all the time for the last 4 years. It has printed countless pages in color and b&w without one iota of trouble in a business enviroment and then as a retired unit at home.

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  2. I run HP gear. Works fine. I'm currently using an HP 1220C printer because I do large format (up to 13"x19") stuff, but it uses the same engine as the 9xx series HP printers.

    Both Epson and HP make good stuff. I don't think you can go wrong with either.

    - JW
  3. Well photoprinters use 5 colors instead of 3 so its produced colors are more realistic then the ones generated with only 3 colors. This is a huge advantage when u want to print photos from your digital camera. I cant tell which photoprinter is the best, but if u care about your wallet dont go with HP. HP's cartridge prices are really outta control. I'd stick with epson which have a real line of photoprinters so find out whats in your pricerange.

    Good luck !
  4. HP print cartridges are so expensive because you get a new print head with every one.

    - JW
  5. I have an Epson 780 which is pretty much the same as the new 820. Both of these are "photo printers". I would highly recommend them. I print a lot of 8x10 digital photos from my 3.3m Toshiba and find that it's nearly impossible to tell the difference from an 8x10 print. The new 820 is about $150 U.S. and the cartridges are $27 Black and $22 Color from Epson, so you know you can get them cheaper elsewhere. As far as the print head wearing out, all I can say is my last printer was an Epson 600 with the same type of print head and I had that for 5 years until I got the 780. Oh yeah, almost forgot, the reason I got the 780 was for the Ink. The Ink according to Epson won't fade for 25 years and it's acid free and so is the paper. :) Scrap booking wife concession!
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