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I have assigned a 2 GB partition for W2K. Out of that, about 1.5 GB are taken just for the operating system and the system upgrades. I have limited the amount of extra software on this drive, so that the 1.5 is pretty much W2K. My question is if the 500MB that I have free on the drive is enough for W2K to breath. I know that if I go below a certain point, the performance will decline, but I was wondering 500MB is enough space for windows 2000 to operate optimally? I will use other drives for other software installations.
P.S. I have about 350MB for swap file space and have 256MB of RAM.

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  1. Yep, you should be fine. Also check around your temp folder. Often times they'll leave old install files mucking around in there. Just dont install any more progs on your C drive. If you ever get low on room, move your swap space to another partition.

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  2. Sound good to me. But like Petty said, keep checking the temp internet file regularly or better just put the temp internet file in other partition. 500MB should be enough if you don't really call up a lot of program or use them concurently since Window will try to use the hard drive space when it run out of ram.
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