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IOS 6....... Coming this fall! Along with the iPhone 5?

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June 26, 2012 6:52:18 PM

So everyone, apple have released the news on the coming soon iOS6 this fall! Happy days! Lots of new features the best being able to face time using cellular data :-), however what I believe to be even better about this news is that I believe it signify's the release of the iPhone 5, remember a few year ago when the iPhone 3g was released then a few years later game the iPhone 3gs less than a year later came the 4 along with the new iOS4 software, and apple decided that customers with the iPhone 3G & 3gs could also download this software well the same scenario has happened with the 4g and the 4gs.............. Anyone have any knowoledge on rumours?...........

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June 26, 2012 7:09:05 PM

Who cares?
June 26, 2012 7:18:11 PM

Possibly an apple fan? I mean am only guessing like I clearly ain't got as much intelligence as you!!
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June 26, 2012 7:19:16 PM

Or maybe even you............ Saying you found it very difficult to ignore the thread.......
June 26, 2012 7:56:00 PM

Macrumors apparently has some good info once in a while.

However IOS6 isn't earth shattering. There is always is something newer/better coming down the road.

Personally - I am more interested about wow! (1977) (btw not the game, or any game).
June 26, 2012 7:59:44 PM

I'm not holding my breath waiting for iOS6. Nor for Mountain Lion if it comes to that.
June 26, 2012 8:12:22 PM

Yeah understand where your coming from chainzsaw, however is more the iPhone 5 am looking forward to :-), mountain lion seems to bring the mac features from the iPhone I.e. iMessage, notification and game centre, not reveloutionary, however defo worth a buy :-)
June 26, 2012 8:22:41 PM

Well I guess I would be more interested if we actually had smartphones here....

Not everyone gets to live in a big bad city with 4g, FIOS, and all that other crap im missing out on.

Hopefully they implement Gorilla Glass into IP5.
June 26, 2012 8:48:45 PM

Yeah true...... Also I agree new nokias have gorilla glass so why a nearly £600 iphone dont is beyond me however software and hardware capabilities are amense on all apple devices
June 26, 2012 8:56:43 PM

They really should make gorilla glass standard on all smartphones. It would drive the cost down, and really it's a benefit for everyone involved. Less to no scratches, much tougher, and therefore should last longer as well.
June 26, 2012 9:00:15 PM

Yes I agree! I have had my I phone 4 coming up 2 years i have had 2 new screens and 2 new glass backs fitted not good really.........
June 26, 2012 9:14:21 PM

Have you checked out macrumors? They seem to have a knack for getting decent to solid info on upcoming hardware.

I think even Apple tried suing them a few times, or at least once for sure.