Windows 8 runs cooler than windows 7

i am using a quad core i7 3.20ghz(well cooled) and run two ssds one with w7 and the other with w8.
I use speedfan and can not believe the difference in cpu temp between the two OS!
w8 runs at 22c and w7 at 36c on idle.
Has anyone else experienced this considerable difference and can it be that
the w8 system is so less demanding on the processor?
After initially disliking w8, I have modified several aspects and can run the start menu in conventional form or hover for 1.5 secs on the start button to bring up the new interface which has also been modified to show only the start menu items.
It actually looks quite pretty!!!
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  1. Yeah! It's true. :) I'm also experiencing this change. My laptop is powered by core 2 duo processor of Merom architecture which is notorious for running hot. But now, it is running windows 8 a lot cooler than win 7 and win xp. I barely feel any warmth even after prolonged use.

    I think it is due to windows 8 core parking technology. :sol:
  2. Hmm.. this sounds interesting! Thanks for the share. I will also check it out in my core 2 duo laptop. :)
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