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Routers protocols etc

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March 30, 2003 8:25:23 PM

I live in the UK, therefore I have a ADSL Connection using PPPoA and RJ11. Now many decent routers use an ethernet connection and PPPoE. Now I wanted to know where I can buy a ADSL modem that takes my ADSL connection, and just acts as a modem that the router can interface with and authenticate the connection (not the ADSL modem). Does anyone know where I can buy a straight up ADSL modem that does PPPoA and (maybe converts PPPoA to PPPoE? Basically a dumb modem that requires an external Client) otherwise can anyone recommend a ADSL modem that will just act as a modem(that does not perform any DHCP or anything (so if connected to the Network card on a single PC it would assign the ISP ip to the network card etc). If anyone understands me, could you help?

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April 1, 2003 12:57:59 AM

ok from what I understand you have a modem that uses PPPoA as a way to connect to the ISP (that's what PPPoA and oE do, establish a connection) by the way you wrote this, the modem itself takes care of making the connection and you don't have to run PPPoA software on your computer to connect. Am I right so far? to me this means that you probably already have a modem/router built together. If this thing already runs DHCP then you should be able to hook a hub to it (if it only has a single port) and run multiple computers with what you have.

Tell you what, give us the model number and the manufacturer of the modem and I imagine someone reading this thread will be able to find out if the modem has a built in router and if so, you'll be able to run multiple computers by just adding a hub and not need to buy a router.


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April 1, 2003 11:00:11 AM

Well I know the PPPoE router wont run PPPoA, what I also want is a straight up PPPoA modem to ethernet. The router I have does PPPoE and just straight ethernet to a modem.

But what I was asking was is there a PPPoE to PPPoA type converter thing? so that the router could perform authentication instead of the Modem? If not could anyone recommend a decent ADSL modem that does PPPoA to Ethernet?

I was just wondering if anyone had built a protocol converter as I am doing electronics ENgineering and am interested why there are so many damn standards floating around.
April 1, 2003 9:13:36 PM

PPPoA is the type of communication supplied by ISPs and BT. If you're with BT it's PPPoA and that's that.

You could try converting MHz to bytes. Different thing entirely.

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April 2, 2003 8:04:28 PM

Yeah, now I found some info on the different protocols........and although under the same main protocol layer they are different.

<<You could try converting MHz to bytes. Different thing entirely.>>

Well put, I could do it for you (in a strange paradoxial way) but I wont.

I e-mailed BT to ask why they used the PPPoA, they asked me to read the FAQ. Why cant the UK use a standard that will allow us over here to use a normal router!!!
May 3, 2003 10:32:29 AM

Well the standard is PPPoA if your on a BT exchange. Given that the majority of UK telephone users are on BT exchanges, that kinda makes PPPoA the UK standard for ADSL.

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