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I live in the UK, therefore I have a ADSL Connection using PPPoA and RJ11. Now many decent routers use an ethernet connection and PPPoE. Now I wanted to know where I can buy a ADSL modem that takes my ADSL connection, and just acts as a modem that the router can interface with and authenticate the connection (not the ADSL modem). Does anyone know where I can buy a straight up ADSL modem that does PPPoA and (maybe converts PPPoA to PPPoE? Basically a dumb modem that requires an external Client) otherwise can anyone recommend a ADSL modem that will just act as a modem(that does not perform any DHCP or anything (so if connected to the Network card on a single PC it would assign the ISP ip to the network card etc). If anyone understands me, could you help?
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  1. ok from what I understand you have a modem that uses PPPoA as a way to connect to the ISP (that's what PPPoA and oE do, establish a connection) by the way you wrote this, the modem itself takes care of making the connection and you don't have to run PPPoA software on your computer to connect. Am I right so far? to me this means that you probably already have a modem/router built together. If this thing already runs DHCP then you should be able to hook a hub to it (if it only has a single port) and run multiple computers with what you have.

    Tell you what, give us the model number and the manufacturer of the modem and I imagine someone reading this thread will be able to find out if the modem has a built in router and if so, you'll be able to run multiple computers by just adding a hub and not need to buy a router.


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  2. What I believe he's saying is he has a PPPoE router and wants to run it in PPPoA.

    No idea if that can work. My guess is no.

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  3. Well I know the PPPoE router wont run PPPoA, what I also want is a straight up PPPoA modem to ethernet. The router I have does PPPoE and just straight ethernet to a modem.

    But what I was asking was is there a PPPoE to PPPoA type converter thing? so that the router could perform authentication instead of the Modem? If not could anyone recommend a decent ADSL modem that does PPPoA to Ethernet?

    I was just wondering if anyone had built a protocol converter as I am doing electronics ENgineering and am interested why there are so many damn standards floating around.
  4. PPPoA is the type of communication supplied by ISPs and BT. If you're with BT it's PPPoA and that's that.

    You could try converting MHz to bytes. Different thing entirely.

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  5. Yeah, now I found some info on the different protocols........and although under the same main protocol layer they are different.

    <<You could try converting MHz to bytes. Different thing entirely.>>

    Well put, I could do it for you (in a strange paradoxial way) but I wont.

    I e-mailed BT to ask why they used the PPPoA, they asked me to read the FAQ. Why cant the UK use a standard that will allow us over here to use a normal router!!!
  6. Well the standard is PPPoA if your on a BT exchange. Given that the majority of UK telephone users are on BT exchanges, that kinda makes PPPoA the UK standard for ADSL.

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