For got loggin pass word

how can i get to login to my lap top i have for got loggin pass word
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  1. do you have Windows XP ? anyway you can donwload a program called ophcrack and create a boot CD - this will then crack your password :)
  2. You'll need another PC for this. Try this tool. Win7 is similar enough to Vista that it should work. Then follow the instructions here to quickly recover if this happens again.
  3. You might be able to rest the password if you go to Save Mode. After you have hit the power button, wait few seconds, before it goes to windows Hit F8 and choose Save Mode.

    User name: administrator
    Leave the Password box blank.

    If you managed to log into Windows save mode successfully, then go to control panel, then User accounts, from there choose the account you want reset the password of.
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