Intel admits that things are not rosy.....

In th elongest article ever at Inquirer Intel's Otellini and Chandrahsehekar admitted that AMD has indeed stolen marketshare and that Conroe will help but millions of pieces of inventory have to be moved by June to make way. I think they're being optimistic that IT buyers will want ANY P4s after telling them that Conroe is 40-60% faster and 20-30% cooler.

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  1. Intel you morons you just commited corporate suicide!
  2. As much as it may affect people like us who pay attention to such matters, the average consumer will be surprisingly unaffected. The average everyday user doesn't exactly research anything about a computer he's going to buy, and computer stores will continue to spout lines about P4 "Being the fastest around", etc, etc. Dell alone can help Intel move a lot of inventory, both before and after June. Many consumers IMO are easily led by around by the nose by retailers marketing a computer solely by its CPU. My friend recently bought this : and claimed it was a "screaming rig all right" I didn't bother to disabuse him of the notion. It probably woulda killed him to know that he was cheated outta ~$1000 so easily. :(
  3. Intel will be fine... What they should be worried about is reverse HT though.
  4. is that some sort of joke. no one would buy that configuration. maybe one with the upgrades, but that, no way.
  5. Quote:
    Intel will be fine... What they should be worried about is reverse HT though.

    intel is working on the same concept, actually before AMD:
  6. Well, he upgraded the CPU to a 540. Like I said, all about the CPU, baby, all about the CPU.
  7. Well I guess from what I've read. I have come to the conclusion that Intel will retake the "Market Dominance" Their Conroe Chip will beat anything that AMD chucks at them. I haven't heard anything substantial from the AMD camp so I am just as fizzled as all other AMD fanboi's.
    And dissapointed unless one of you ppl would like to fill me in on a top secret thing that AMD is springing upon Intel...... :cry:
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