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running windows 7 64x, radeon hd 5830, running 2 21.5" LCD monitors.

if i run the resolution at 1680X1050, the picture fills the screen.

if i run the resolution at 1920X1080, the picture shrinks and there is a black frame that fills the outer rim of the monitors. it says its the recommend resolution but on the windows appearance screen there is an option "what display setting should i use" and it suggests 1680X1050 for 21" and 22" monitors.

so i guess my question is, is there a way to run it at 1980X1080 without getting that black frame? is there a setting im not seeing?
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  1. Are your monitors 16:9, like a TV? Or are they 16:10? If you have a 1920x1200 option, try that.
  2. Your refresh rate is set wrong for the resolution, right click on windows desktop.
    Then choose screen resolution from the menu.
    You need to go to advanced settings.
    In there you will find say 1920*1080@60Hz and another one at a higher Hz range.
    Normaly windows 7 likes all to be 60Hz
  3. Flat Screen LCD's are fixed resolution monitors. Your monitor should be set to run at it's native resolution which should be easily determined by looking up the specs for your monitor.
  4. @ ekoostik

    they do not. max is 1920x1080, so 16:9

    @shaun 0

    i have the catalyst control center and i can change it in there, but as i change the Hz the resolution goes down, and if i change it back to 1080 the Hz resets back to 60Hz. i saw that option in the windows menu, but it did not allow me to go above 60.


    ..did you even read the post.
  5. What type of connection are you using on the monitors? You are at the limit of single link DVI for spec. at that resolution So something there could be causing some issues.

    Also what models are your monitors? Do you have HDMI as an option? That can run on higher resolutions than single link DVI., mid page or so.
  6. Ok, I missed that you were running two monitors. As hang asked, what are the models of your monitors? What type of connections are you using to each? 1680x1050 is more suited for 16:10 monitors, 1920x1080 for 16:9.

    Does the problem occur if you connect to only 1 monitor? When the problem occurs, is it just bars across the top, or do you get bars around the entire screen?

    Have you downloaded and installed the latest AMD drivers?

    Try playing with the image scaling options in the Catalyst Control Center. These two articles should be helpful: - perhaps you are underscaling

    EDIT: Here's a current thread with a similar problem:
    They solved it by downloading the catalyst control center (good idea to get latest drivers & ccc at the same time), and adjusting the scaling options. See the links I pasted above for more on scaling.
  7. ekoostik said:

    They solved it by downloading the catalyst control center (good idea to get latest drivers & ccc at the same time), and adjusting the scaling options.

    i love you! thanks, thats exactly what i was looking for. i had the CCC, but couldnt find the scaling option as i had to right click on the specific monitor since there were no buttons besides them since there are two monitors.

    thanks again.
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