Ethernet problem with drivers

Getting an error when I instal my 785GM-E51 Drivers for ethernet, the board was designed to work for windows 7 so theres no compatibility issue there, the screen I get everytime I try to install factory drivers on the cd is faiil, and when I do it through windows through updated drivers online as well as the cd I get

Even with "Correct drivers"
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  1. Have you tried running the driver in compatibility mode?
  2. have you tried the Realtek website and download the drivers for the 8111DL?

    is NIC enabled in the BIOS?
  3. yes to both questions
  4. yes i did to no avail
  5. download the newest drivers and uninstall the drivers you have on already, and install the new drivers
  6. Have you got an RJ45 connector plugged into the ethernet port while trying to install the drivers?
    Some NICs don't like being hooked up while installing....
    Other then that, you might have a bad controller on that board..
    Please give us your system specs....cpu,ram,vid card,etc..and any add-on cards.
  7. Nope I dont have an RJ45 connector in, also the light is steady green when i boot up my computer with no drivers installed, once windows "Auto Installs" the drivers, which fails as well, the light turns off and doesnt come back on unless I uninstall it in the device manager and restart. Iv done multiple things to prevent the install automatically, just trying to figure out how to make it work.

    My specs include
    Motherboard: MSI 785GM-E51
    CPU: Phenom II X4 955
    Ram: 4 gbs of corsair cl8 1600 mhz ddr3
    PSU: Some cheapo 525 watt one
    Video Card: MSI Gtx 470
    DVD: Liteon Multi Reader/ Writer
    External Add-On power supply to power the GTX 470

    2 HD's one western digital one samsung I believe.
    Win7 Ultimate 64-bit
    Also overclocked my system somewhat, tried to do a bios update and it wiped my specs but as of the moment I'v only got a 200 mhz overclock on the cpu, also running the memory at 1600 @ 1.71 voltage @ 8-8-8-29
  8. Fowang, the picture I have added in a link above was what happends with EVERY driver I try to install that matches the board, the current drivers, and previous ones alll do the same thing.
  9. K so an update, I installed windows professional 64 bit on my 2nd hard drive (yes i had to wipe it) and everything works fine on it, the ethernet is working great etc. So i know its a problem with my windows ultimate, however I dont have a key for professional i just downloaded it in an iso so it doesnt do me much good. But just a reference it does work, but the problem of why doesnt it work on the other system?
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