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WinXP share to my Win98 how to?

Last response: in Networking
April 1, 2003 5:14:51 AM

What steps do I take to get my 2 computers to share files? As of now they do not see each other in NetworkNeiborhood and Network places respectively.

Both computers are connected to a hub. That 4port hub is connected to Qwest DSL line. Before I upgraded(fresh installed) from Win98se to WinXP on one system everything worked fine. Both computers could play EverQuest on the net at the same time. Also they could see each others shared folders and transfer files. Also My main computer which I upgraded to WinXP shared the printer on the Win98 computer.

Now I can't do any of that since I made my 1st computer WinXP. This is nuts and confusing how differant WinXP is! Can someone tell me the steps? I tried disabling the WinXP built in Firewall and nothing happened. I didnt reboot thou. My old network talked using NetBiau. TC/IP for connecting to the net.

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April 1, 2003 9:39:24 AM

is the firewall enabled on the XP box?

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April 1, 2003 3:22:03 PM

Since you stated that your old network used netbuei for the netbios connection the machines are looking to two different places for each other. The first thing I would check is on the Win 98 machine make sure that the tcp/ip protocol is bound to file sharing and client for microsoft networks. To do this go to the network properties then the tcp/ip properties, there should be a tab named "bindings." If it is bound properly, then check the netbios tab and see if there is a checkmark for "I want to enable netbios over tcp/ip." reboot and see if things work.

Hope this helps.