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Hello all, no clue where this should be posted but here goes!

I am sharing a folder roughly 1.67Tb big and the other users on the network can only view roughly 20 of the 506 folders in the share. Any ideas why this is occuring? all pc's are windows 7 ultimate 64 bit fully updated. Network is cat 6 with a switch + router, all other networking functions are working properly.
I have tested the files/folders i am sharing and the files are intact and un-corrupted.
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    Have you checked the access rights to the folders that other users can't view?
  2. i sent a blanket 'read' permission on the entire main directory of the share, is that not enough?

    EDIT - this has worked on all previous shares

    strange issue but ... SOLVED!

    i set all the permissions in share and security but when i went into the folders and checked the permissions on each individual file, they werent there. remade folder, re-set all permissions on all child containers in the main container... and life is good!

    (please close)
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