ATA100 and win98se

Win 2k seems to work fine, however 98 reboots right after I select it from dual boot menu, I did get into safe mode, installed the latest promise drivers, same problem. Sorry if this problem has been already posted, I think I saw it around these forums somewhere, but can't remember where :(

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  1. Try keeping Ctrl pressed while you boot into Win98. This will bring the Startup menu.

    Otherwise, boot from a Win98 startup floppy, and then change your MSDOS.INI settings (look in the forum or other docs) so that the BootGUI switch in it is set to 0. i.e. BootGUI=0. Then try to boot it. If now it does, its not a problem with the partition FAT,etc. (yes, if your FAT has problems, this thing can occur), and now from the prompt you may try restoring registry, running scandisk,etc.


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  2. Thanks, I'll try that and post an update :)

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  3. Ok, didn't work, for now I erased win98, gonna try reinstalling it.

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  4. Alright, it works :) Reinstall is the way to go, however the newest drivers don't work right away, I had to install the old ones from the mobo cd, and then upgrade, otherwise 98 doesn't recognise it.

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