I need a good 450+ watt PS, 2 gigs of PC3200 ram, a good AGP Vid card, another DVD drive, and a 200+ GB hard drive..

lemme have it!
I have a pretty good budget... so go ahead guys...

I am also considering switching to 939 AMD ....
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  1. btw... i have a very nice Konica Minolta 5 Megapixel digital camera, with a256MB card, Li-ion battery and charger and case, along with all instructions, etc that i am offering up for a decent trade...
  2. n e one?? I also have good old fashioned cash....
  3. you might try telling a minimum you will pay.
  4. cant really give a minumum on something that hasnt been ofered.... i need people to offer me these different items before i can give an offer on it....
  5. well taht stragedy is working for you :roll:
  6. I have a retail box Opteron 165 (not sure of the stepping, I can check the box when I get home from work), a retail BFG 7800GT and 2X512 sticks of PQI DDR500 memory I'm thinking of selling. Nothing wrong with any of them, I just haven't used that particular PC in a couple months because I've been too busy to play games. Just had a new baby so my priorities have shifted I guess. The AMD runs rock stable at 293MHZ bus (I'm using an Asus A8N SLI deluxe mobo and I'm certain that the motherboard is preventing the proc from OC'ing higher.

    PM me if you are interested in any of this.
  7. replied... very interested in the Vid card and memory.. not sure of the Opteron... dont know too much about them....
  8. You do know that the 7800gt is PCI-e right?
  9. ahh... didnt know that. I am new to modding and building, so I am just starting out. THanks for the info though

    I need an AGP videocard.....

    Thanks guys!
  10. do u consider a 9800pro to be a good agp card? i have one that i'm not using
    also, i have 2X1gb of corsair xms ram that i may be willing to sell, but it's brand new and i don't want to lose a bunch of money on it here's the link to it's description:
  12. not sure if you still shopping for those items, but if you have a pretty good budget, you might check on building a little more of a modern system, ddr and agp is old and expensive, check out a build with ddr2 and pci-e bro
  13. I dunno if you would consider a fx5700 good, but if your just using it to tide you over for a while, it may be good for you. I can sell it for around $40, post back if your interested.
  14. i have a 850 watt OCZ gamexstream silent SLI ready PSU, if your interested, not sure what kinda price they go for in the states, so it may well not even be worth me posting, and fook knows about shipping, but if i cant get it sold on ebay in the coming few days, any money is better than none!

  15. apologies for bumping this thread, only looked at recent posts, didnt realise a few above sum1 had posted over a year later -.-
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