Bluetooth Compatibility Issues (MS Desktop & iPAQ)

I've got the MS Bluetooth desktop and an iPAQ H3870 w/ bluetooth. I can get them to recognise each other via bluetooth, but can't transfer or sync files. Anyone know where I might be able to get more info on this?

Is it even possible? THG's review implies that its unlikely, but it wasn't tested specifically.
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  1. I just bought an MSI bluetooth USB key to link up my desktop to my IPAQ H3870, and I am having some trouble sychronising the two however, I can tranfer files between the two and as you, the two devices can see each other. I will try again this weekend and let you know if I succeed.
  2. I managed to do this after a bit of work. So yes it is possible. I installed the bluetooth drivers, then connected to the PDA here. Then I connected my PDA to my PC. I turned on the radio, the synced from my PDA. Sorted!
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