Need to add windows mail to my new windows 7 computer

Hello,the computer I have been useing with vista and windows mail has crashed. I just recently got another. Now I have a problem because all my information was set up with that e-mail, ebay,mcafee,amazon,etc.the e-mail was through my internet carrier and now I have forgot some of my passwords and they want to mail them to me and I can't get into my mail to retrieve them. I also have photos and my daughters wedding photos in that mail that I can't open up. I am taking that computer in to try to get it fixed or at least save anything I can from it but for now I can't get any of my passwords or request any info because they are trying to send it to windows mail. What can I do?
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  1. search for Windows Live Essentials
  2. This might be of some help:

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