Why does my windows 7 have program files and (x86) program files?

Trying to understand why windows 7 has program files and (x86) program files. Using windows premium 64 bit.

Sometimes programs get installed to program files and sometimes they go to (x86) program files what is the difference?
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    "Program Files" folder are for programs designed for 64-bit and the programs that go into "Program Files (x86)" folder are designed for 32-bit.
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  3. Ok then I may have a problem...

    I was playing world of warcraft cataclysm on a 300g external hard drive because when I first got cata was in process of getting

    a new computer... so I was lugging the external hard drive around using it on my mom's computer which is xp... that has to be

    32 bit right? ...also was using it at an internet cafe on windows xp... would just take usb external drive and plug it in there too.

    Originally I had installed the game on my mothers computer windows xp and then I bought the 300g usb drive because my

    mom's hard drive barely had enough space for the game... needs min 25 gig I think... also was more convenient... so I just

    moved the wow folders from my mom's c drive on to the usb drive by clicking and dragging was a lot faster than a re-install...

    So anyway when I got my new computer with windows 7 64 bit... I was still using external hdd for the game... then I noticed the

    the external drive was always pretty hot and a couple of times it sat there and beeped and so did my computer... the power

    button was beeping and the computer was just hanging there... O.o

    Long story short I did the same thing in reverse this time... I moved the wow folders from my usb drive to my c drive and just

    just put them in my the program files of my windows 7 not the (x86).... also as I recall I think I installed something else and

    switched it from the default (x86) to the regular programs... man I am such a noob... can't remember now which program it

    was I may have to uninstall what ever else I have added and re-install it... O.o ...feeling dumb at the moment.

    I am guessing I have done a very noobish thing here... haven't had any real issues but I am thinking I need to uninstall the

    world of warcraft and re-install... although the game has been lagging a bit and has crashed no more than 6x in the last

    month or so and I play alot so that doesn't seem out of the ordinary... mmm now I am wondering though... so yeah I am

    guessing I had better uninstall or delete world of warcraft and do a re-install just to be safe?

    Before I do this should I use an uninstall option... or should I just delete all the world of warcraft folders and links?

    Any help is greatly appreciated...

    Feel like such a noob lol for doing this /blush.
  4. Do nothing...

    You don't need to have the games in the Program folder to work. I run a SSD and install my games on a separate drive without issues :) Your setup is fine, specially if the game runs fine.
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