Computer Tool Box/Case?

Does anyone know of any really nice Tool boxes or cases specially made for Computer Tech tools? Are there any websites that sell them?

I know a lot of people use the craftmen tool boxes, and I wouldnt mind that if there was a really sweet one. But, I'm looking more for cases specifically designed for PC tools.

Also, it needs to be a carrying box/case that I can take from job to job. Not those large boxes that sit in your garage all the time.

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  1. This is what I use for my On Site Repair kit. Plently of room for tools even carry a exteranl hd with utils on it. The Company makes a wide range of cases. Just depends on what suits your needs. Very sturdy sucker too. I have had it for a few years no problems.. At home I have a 5' wood case that is green velvet lined for all my Computer Tools etc. Yes. I am a geek.. that is the 1st step right? admiting it. Anywhere here is the link.

    Plano Cases (The One I use. #777)

    Hope this helps.

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