What is Windows CE?

I'm trying to figure this out because I have access to this item, and I want to know what exactly it is... Microsoft's 'explanation' gave me nothing, and Wiki's explanation was rather thin.
What is it, exactly?
Is it just a stripped down variation of Windows 7, or is it something entirely different??
Can I install it on my laptop, or is it specifically for specialized hardware?
Does it take drivers like other operating systems, or would I have to make my own?
Does it have it's own requirements and hardware capabilities?
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    Windows CE has nothing to do with Win 7. Wiki actually has a pretty good explanation for what it is.

    Here is some more info about the SDK for CE

    It's not made for consumers to install, but used for small devices such as phones, set-top boxes, etc... It evolved into Windows Mobile on the cell phone arena, but it still used in some other devices.
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